I first moved to Edmonton with my family in 2009. I began my journey with basic English classes, after which I pursued a diploma in Petroleum Engineering at NAIT. Life played its beautiful role and took me on an unexpected path. Now, I'm a local business owner running my own donair shop! Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to be immersed in my community and meet amazing new people. These countless exchanges have inspired me to take on my next big step, seeking to represent all of you in our beautiful city of Edmonton!


Throughout my youth and childhood, I witnessed my mother serving her community as a nurse, while enduring and overcoming great difficulties. Seeing the way she selflessly strived for the betterment of her community inspired me. It inspired me to want what’s best for my community and fight for it no matter the obstacles. It inspired me to be sincere and be of service. This inspiration fuels my campaign and God willing, if granted, will fuel my councillorship.


Ever since first moving to Edmonton, I have been directly involved with my community. For years, I have been serving as the President of a local youth group aimed at uplifting youth into productive, healthy members of society. As an organization, we regularly work on community service projects, such as feeding and clothing the needy, collecting resources for the local food bank, cleaning up parks and highways and organizing blood drives. One of the key initiatives I have been a part of is interfaith/inter-community work. I have organized a multitude of programs aimed at bringing diverse peoples together in a place of peace, harmony and understanding


I have consistently worked towards building bridges within the community in hopes of establishing a mutually empathetic environment. I have done and continue to do this through a variety of means, including interfaith seminars based on respectful dialogue, inter-community sports tournaments and general community service initiatives. The world needs more love and so I have long based my life around the principle of “Love for All, Hatred for None”


Pandemic Recovery
Improvement Of Community Safety
Empowerment Of Small Businesses
Increase Youth Development
Value Individual Wellness
Build Bridges Within Communities
Improvement Of City Services


I have organized or lead to achieve the aforementioned goals

  • Regularly met fundraising targets for various charities
  • Prepared and distributed hundreds of hot meals to the needy across Edmonton
  • Organized multiple Blood Drives under the Canadian Blood Services
  • Arranged multiple youth sports tournaments across Edmonton
  • Organized and implemented career development programs and career fairs for the youth in Edmonton
  • Managed the Neighborhood Helper Campaign in Edmonton, providing aid to anyone in need during Covid-19 lockdowns

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