Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team?

Interested in volunteering your time to help us bring your Vision of Ward Tastawiyiniwak to life? We would love to have you at any of these positions:
  • Door Knocker – Getting out in the community to talk to constituents, answer any questions they may have, of course, listen to their thoughts
  • Sign Runner – Driving where needed to deliver and set up signs for community members who want to support Zain.
  • Event Support – Helping in the set-up and running of fundraising events, as well as assistance with the coordinating of day-to-day activities
  • Phone Outreach – Reaching out to voters via phone
  • COVID Compliance Officer (possibly) – Depending on the state of COVID during the ramp-up to the election officers may be needed to ensure compliance by all with COVID restrictions
  • Prep Team – Preparation for the debates and forums partaken in by Zain
  • Election Day Positions – On the day of the election there will be several positions needing volunteers including scrutineers and get out to vote individuals
If you are interested in volunteering for any of these people please let us know as soon as possible using the form below!