Pandemic Recovery

I will fight for a smooth transition out of Covid-19. A transition where residents are not drained by taxation but still offered the adequate resources they need to best reestablish themselves after a stressful and trying period. It’s been a tough year, I want to be the one to fight for you when we’re getting back.

Improving Community Safety

Community safety is a central part of my values and I will advocate for all of our residents to have an area where they can feel at ease for themselves and their families. I will introduce interactive community-wide initiatives aimed at establishing a solidified sense of interpersonal relationships within Tastawiyiniwak. In addition, I firmly believe that poor maintenance of urban infrastructure acts as an impediment towards our ward’s progression to becoming a safer community for all. Consequently, I will fight for the city to allocate greater resources towards the upkeep and maintenance of our community.

Empowering Small & Family Owned Businesses

I know that small businesses in Tastawiyiniwak have struggled and endured in the past year. On the road to an economic recovery from the trying times of a pandemic, I will fight to revive small and family owned businesses. It has been a tough time for local business owners, and being one myself, I empathize with the struggle. Let me be the one to fight for your interests